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The world’s first free-to-attend currency & secure document supply-chain exhibition and conference covering cash processing, high security printing, banknotes, ID and secure documents.



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"CCL Secure is looking forward in attending the first Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo to be held in Nevada, November 2018, and interacting with government and industry peers in a new setting."

- Representative from CCL Secure

"Criminals never rest, and at JCM, neither do we. ACCE 2018 will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to anti-counterfeit efforts and AML compliance."

Tom Nieman, VP Worldwide Marketing, JCM Global

"Some other conferences ask for excessive fees for participants but here this is not that case; this exhibition provides a platform that addresses the necessities, trends, and desires that the current anti-counterfeit and currency industry require."

- Jan-Dirk Enschedé, Managing Director, PNO Global

"The more you learn about this space the better."

- David Hasler, Founder & President, Breakthrough Solutions Consulting

Industry Updates


Exhibitor Spotlight – Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President at Glory – Retail Markets

This month we turn the spotlight on Peter Wolf, Senior Vice President at Glory – Retail Markets. In the interview, we uncover the future trends in the cash handling and automation sector as well as the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces within the next five years. Hi Peter, please can you tell us about your role as Senior Vice ...